So it’s no secret and I have said it time and time again on my other reviews, I am a sucker for horror films!!! Now that that is out of the way lets continue. Not only am I a horror film fan, but I am also a child that grew up on the 80s... Read more

A Cure For Wellness

Gore Verbinsky’s new film, A Cure for Wellnes is a horror thriller, which takes place in the mountains of the Swiss Alps. Lockhart (Dane DeHaan), a young executive is sent from New York to the Alps to retrieve his CEO, Mr. Pembroke (Harry... Read more


Warcraft By Hiram Trillo Ok, so although I knew about the game and at one time played a little, I am by no means a WoW expert (World of Warcraft). What I do know is that Blizzard the parent company/maker of WoW is an expert at making... Read more