It’s hard now days to really tell what can be a horror film and what is not. In the era of “found footage” horror films it’s great to see a classically styled film like the ones of days past. At one time when you heard... Read more

Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen fans will undoubtedly enjoy this film which documents the creation and rise of the iconic rock band, featuring wonderful performances of several of their greatest hits and a great recreation of their infamous performance at Live Aid in... Read more


Joan Hill makes his debut on the directors chair in this coming of age story. Mid 90s which has gotten a few standing ovations at the Toronto film festival where it premiered. But honestly I’m going to pop that festival bubble…I... Read more

First Man

First Man does not make it off the launch pad. As a fan of great Space movies like Apollo 13, Gravity, The Martian, etc… I really wanted to like director Damien Chazelle and star Ryan Gosling’s story of Neil Armstrong... Read more

A Star is Born

This is the fourth remake of this movie and by far the best. Movie chemistry is a term that is thrown around loosely these days and Lady Gaga (Ally) and Bradley Cooper (Jackson Maine) have probably the most honest, intense, and magical... Read more