Top Gun: Maverick

After seeing the original Top Gun ages ago (1986 to be exact), I thought it was a fun date movie, but nothing more. When I heard that a sequel was to come some 30 plus years later, I cringed at the thought of how bad it would be. Well, I was... Read more


SOLO I’m just going to say it…they should have waited to make SOLO. If anything else, by the end of the film you’ll know how Han made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs…along with every other cliché he smirked through all past films. But... Read more

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Ok listen…I walked into this movie like many others, a little upset that they were touching such a classic as Jumanji. I mean who in the world could ever replace or even try to fill the boots of the late Robin Williams? I mean for starters... Read more

The Magnificent Seven

I am usually very leery of remakes, but after seeing the new reboot of the majestic western a few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised! This movie is what a fun night at the movies should be all about. Denzel Washington plays bounty hunter Sam... Read more

The Shallows

The Shallows Let me begin by saying that I am a “Shark Week” aficionado. I have been watching Shark Week since it’s inception and have not missed one since, so it was only obvious that I would be screening The Shallows during Shark Week. The... Read more

Free State of Jones

Free State of Jones tells the story of Newt Knight (Matthew McConaugheu), a Mississippi farmer, who leads an unlikely group of Civil War deserters and runaway slaves in an armed rebellion against the Confederacy during the height of the Civil... Read more