I have always been a big fan of the Disney/Pixar movies and feel like they have always done a great job of being original, funny, heartfelt, and overall a great time for all ages. Lightyear did not really measure up to its predecessors in my... Read more


Ok, so it no secret that I have been looking forward to a remake of this pretty much since I saw the original David Lynch 1984 which by his own admission he didn’t even like. Now I don’t blame Lynch for not being able to pull off an almost... Read more

Godzilla vs Kong

As a longtime Godzilla lover, this was one that I was very much looking forward to!  Although I personally think that Godzilla would destroy King Kong in any real life battle, for good movie purposes I understand what director Adam Wingard was... Read more


Onward is the new film that is certain to be the newest hit in the Disney/Pixar Universe.  This animated film is sad, funny, heartbreaking, action-packed, and overall truly captivating.  The story focuses on two elf brothers (Ian and Barley)... Read more

Star Wars: The RIse of Skywalker

Let me start with a disclaimer. I am a huge Star Wars fan. Actually, huge is probably an understatement. When I first saw Star Wars as a child it left me wide eyed and speechless. I was hooked. From that moment, if it was related to the Force... Read more

Terminator: Dark Fate

Arnold is back! Let me preface this review by saying that I was highly skeptical when I found out yet another Terminator movie was being made.  However, once I saw that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton were going to somehow have roles... Read more