Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The third installment of The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise certainly did not disappoint.  It didn’t have quite the same feel as the first two as it was a bit more serious.  Making these Marvel films feel more like dramas doesn’t deter me... Read more

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Ok let’s begin by saying how much this actually pains me to write.  Of all of the Marvel films Ant-Man is one that I have been fond of…until now.  Quantumania is one of the worst Marvel films to date, which doesn’t say much since anything... Read more

Wakanda Forever

Wakanda Forever is a pretty quick 2 hour and 41 minute movie if you can imagine that! There is a whole lot fun and surprises in this on for sure! The story picks up with the death of King T’Challa (The Black Panther.) There are several... Read more


I have always been a big fan of the Disney/Pixar movies and feel like they have always done a great job of being original, funny, heartfelt, and overall a great time for all ages. Lightyear did not really measure up to its predecessors in my... Read more

The Batman

The Batman…or is it? Ok, full disclosure. I am a Batman fanatic, which is why it took me a while to while to get this up. As I walked out of the screening a little over a week ago, I had mixed feelings about what I was going to be writing... Read more


Ok, so it no secret that I have been looking forward to a remake of this pretty much since I saw the original David Lynch 1984 which by his own admission he didn’t even like. Now I don’t blame Lynch for not being able to pull off an almost... Read more