The Peanuts Movie

The Peanuts Movie By Hiram Trillo Nostalgia in 3D!!! My introduction to Charlie Brown and the gang was like most through a holiday special, but since that first time there has been a soft spot for that little kid with an enormous heart and... Read more

The Intern

Like most internships, it starts off great but you’re always glad when it’s over. Let me begin by saying that this film was a pleasant surprise. The Intern is a gentle comedy with some great acting at the helm lead by Robert DeNiro who plays a... Read more


I would rather work every day for the rest of my life than go on this vacation again. Remakes are always a dicey proposition and this rehash of the classic simply fails on so many levels.  Really, I wanted to like this movie and it has some... Read more


Nostalgia can sometimes spell Game Over. Let me start off by saying that I, for one, was a child that grew up where socializing happened with real people and video game challenges were settled in front of an arcade machine “mano a mano” you... Read more


Trainwreck is a raunchy, yet heartwarming comedy written by comedienne Amy Schumer and directed by Judd Apatow (Bridesmaids, Girls).  One of the great and very rare aspects of this movie is that it caters to both the men and women in the... Read more

Inside Out

The latest Disney-Pixar release, “Inside Out”, is sure to be a summer blockbuster, both for kiddos and their parents. Both entertaining and psychologically clever, we are shown a world inside the brain of 11 year old Riley (Kaitlyn Dias)... Read more