Terminator: Dark Fate

Arnold is back! Let me preface this review by saying that I was highly skeptical when I found out yet another Terminator movie was being made.  However, once I saw that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton were going to somehow have roles... Read more


Joker Ok so here we go! So I have been waiting for this film for a few months, and walked in a little worried to be honest.  After the last few DC films, I was not sure if I could have another disappointment.  As a Batman fan, the Joker has... Read more

AD Astra

Space travel is about exploring the vast unknown that lies in the darkness, and Ad Astra is indeed focused on exploring dark areas—specifically, those found in the mind of Major Roy McBride. The trip to Neptune, despite being Roy’s mission, is... Read more

IT Chapter 2

Ok so IT’s here!  See what I did there…sorry I had to.  Like I mentioned on my review of the first film Andy Muschietti kept the vibe going with Chapter 2.  Now as those of us who have read the novel and saw the early 90s mini series, the... Read more

The Kitchen

If you’re not a fan of visceral gore, the sound of gunshots, or close-ups of angry faces, then The Kitchen is not for you. And even if you are a fan of those things—I still don’t think The Kitchen is for you. Even when viewed from a technical... Read more

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

If you’re not part of the age group who grew up happily addicted to the adventures of Dora the Explorer, the idea of a watching a live-action Dora wander around the screen for a couple of hours sounds potentially gruesome. It’s not all... Read more