Arrival It’s hard to adequately describe the immensity of the ambition of Denis Villeneuve‘s “Arrival,” a film that dances with concepts so colossal they’ve rather obliterated most of the previous films that have attempted to grapple with them... Read more

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange So Marvel’s newest superhero/superwizard film will be out this week and well this one is as the name implies it “Strange”. But never has strange looked so good. If there is one thing that critics including myself agree on is... Read more

Ouija: The Origin of Evil

Ok so it’s October and the only thing scary about this time of year is the lack of horror films out, what’s even more frightening…the lack of good ones! So when Ouija:Origin of Evil was up, I got a bit excited. Ouija: Origin of Evil is the... Read more

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train I was very excited to see this movie as everywhere I go and just about everyone I know is talking about the novel by Paula Hawkins or the movie directed by Tate Taylor. Well, this movie tries to be like the hit... Read more


Warner Brother’s newest animated movie, Storks, is a kid’s movie that the whole family can enjoy. The story begins up in the sky at (think Amazon… run by storks!). In past years, the storks have been known to deliver babies to... Read more

The Magnificent Seven

I am usually very leery of remakes, but after seeing the new reboot of the majestic western a few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised! This movie is what a fun night at the movies should be all about. Denzel Washington plays bounty hunter Sam... Read more